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To be able to keep up with the express advancement in technology have become imperative to most people if not all.  What seems to be updated now may be obsolete tomorrow.

Businesses from the small-scaled to the large-scaled have deemed the urgent need for GPS Tracking Systems, specifically the Online Vehicle Tracking System.  To date, the system has proven its worth to everybody...businesses and even households.

The basics of a typical GPS Tracking System enables the client obtain intricate information on a vehicle’s location, its speed and direction, departure and arrival at a specified point and a lot more.  Because of the advancement of technology, refinements and adaptations have been made; the Advanced GPS Tracking System now has a lot more features and tracking, monitoring and managing vehicles have become accessible thru any computer or even a mobile phone with internet connection.

EZ Trackph is the country’s premier on online vehicle tracking system.  It has become a common name in the corporate world and the household as well. The well thought of combination of the basic and the advanced features the GPS Tracking System plus a lot more is included in its regular package.

The EZ Trackph Tracking Device is conveniently installed in the vehicle.  This device sends the vehicle’s data to the system via cellular or satellite network.  The data gathered is then displayed on a user-friendly interface for the clients’ access and utilization.  The integration between EZ Trackph’s system, the software and the device is seamless thus accurate, fast and efficient alerting, monitoring, tracking and management is made possible.

Being able to track, monitor and manage your vehicles’ location, speed and all other details is both crucial and decisive to businesses.  Add-on EZ Trackph features includes setting parameters for Geographic Boundaries, Check-In and Hot Spot Places; Waypoints; Customization of Vehicle and Driver’s Profile; Invite a Friend or Viewer; Status Reporting and a lot more. EZ Trackph is also equipped with an accurate reporting software letting you generate status reports instantly.  All these are possible in just a few clicks.

EZ Trackph does not let you manage and monitor your vehicles alone, but your drivers as well.  A module for drivers is an integral part of the system enabling you to keep track of vehicle-driver assignments and your drivers' personal information.

To top everything off, with EZ Trackph, you are kept posted every step of the way because you need to know.  Notifications are sent to your registered email address for any and all activities which concerns EZ Trackph’s products and services.  The above-mentioned activities would include:  Battery Cut, SOS/Panic Button, GPS Antenna Hidden, Ignition On/Off, Overspeeding, Number Coding, Checking In and Out of Hot Spot Places, Geographic Boundaries and the like.

It is then conclusive that to have EZ Trackph as your Vehicle Tracking Provider would allow you, your business and your family to benefit from technology’s advancements incorporating them into your business system and right at your fingertips making it an additional asset to you and your company.  With EZ Trackph, you are always updated.