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The conceptualization of www.eztrackph.com was brought about by our desire to provide a better, reliable, accessible, fast and easy vehicle management system. EZ Trackph's safe and secured system is supported by servers which generate all processes and reports needed to produce the best results to end-users. In this note...we welcome you to EZ Trackph!


Unlimited access to www.eztrackph.com is granted whether as a guest or a registered subscriber, but we reserve the right to decline such on grounds like fraudulent and unauthorized use which may affect, disturb and alter the safety and security of www.eztrackph.com. It is then mutually understood, by your utilization of our site, that you have read, understood and accepted these terms of use and that you agree to abide by them.

Ownership of Data

Your use of www.eztrackph.com and your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions does not in any way constitute the sale or transfer of ownership or any rights to the software and/or the intellectual property which is contained within.

eztrackph.com contains materiald which are licensed to ua and are rightfully owned by us. Such materials would include, but are not limited to; the appearance, look, graphics, layout and the design.

Any unauthorized reproduction of these materials is strictly prohibited, except for; in accordance with the Copyright Notice, which forms part of the Terms and Conditions.

Any and all data and information gathered from you remains your property. By entering them into eztrackph.com, you grant us the right to copy, convey, store and back-up such data and information for purposes of enabling and allowing you to utilize, process and access the data. This goes with a guarantee that any and all data gathered from you shall be and remain confidential as it will be used only as a requirement of the system. It is also mutually understood that such data and information entered are true and correct. On the other hand, any discrepancy and inaccuracy on the said data will be the subscribers sole liability. EZ Trackph, shall not be, in any way, liable for your use of any and all information and materials on eztrackph.com. Those will be your own risk.

Trademarks reproduced in this website which is not licensed to and not a property of EZ Trackph are all acknowledged.

Any and all unauthorized use of this website may pave to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offense.


Our reliable servers provide for a safe and secured website. As your first line of security, creation of your own Username and Password shall be required of you.

Your right to use eztrackph.com and your Username and Password are non-assignable and non-transferable. For additional security, it is highly recommended that you change your Username and Password regularly. EZ Trackph reserves the right to disable any Username and/or Password, whether chosen by you or allocated by us, at any time, if in our opinion you have failed to comply with any of the provisions of these terms of use.

Payment Terms

Subscription Schemes for subscription to EZ Trackph's product and services are Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual. A three (3) months advance payment which will serve as deposit shall be required for Monthly subscriptions. A one-time full payment for the VS-01 Device shall also be incurred. Agreed upon Subscription Scheme and Payment Terms between you, as a EZ Trackph registered subscriber and EZ Trackph shall be strictly implemented. Sufficient payment must be settled to become a legitimate EZ Trackph registered subscriber.


An Activation Code shall be provided to you upon settlement of required initial payment. This Activation Code shall be asked for during your sign-up process. A valid Code must be entered upon prompt to activate your EZ Trackph account.


A 24-month lock-up contract shall be carried out and put in effect. Pre-termination fee shall be collected in the event that disconnection of the service occurs within the 24-month contract and before the contract expires.

Failure to Pay

Advance payments for the succeeding months must be settled 15 days prior the expiration of the last serviced month. A proof of payment must be forwarded to sales@eztrackph.com. Failure to do so and failure to pay shall result to disconnection of service.